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Inherited Personality Types

Warriors, Settlers & Nomads
By Terence Watts

Discovering Who We Are and What We Can Be

This will give you a great insight into our inherited genetic personality types and applies to every single Human Being.

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In the beginning…

100,000 years ago, the human race lived in groups of 25 to 50 individuals, hunting and gathering their food from the land.  They were already a developed race, having probably been around for some 300,000 years at least, but these were the first of the race that looked like us, and, in a primitive way, behaved like us.  For thousands of years, their way of life scarcely changed.  Instincts and response patterns were handed on from generation to generation in what amounted to a genetically pure chain.  These humans would have no qualms about incest or inbreeding, because those concepts simply would not have entered the realms of thought.

There would obviously have been aggressive tribes and peaceful tribes; and because their way of life was constant, the skills needed to deal with that way of life became inborn and instinctive, so that successive generations became steadily more adapted to the environment in which they lived.

Tens of thousands of years past...  Something like 50 times the amount of time that has elapsed since the days of Jesus Christ and the Roman Empire.  Then, something of extreme importance happened, something that was to affect the whole of the human race for ever more, something that was to affect you.

The first settlements were formed.

A Golden Opportunity

It doesn't sound particularly important, but the effect on the wandering tribes was dramatic and polarising.  For the peace loving tribes it would have been an ideal situation; no need any more to wander the land in search of food simply farm your own crops and livestock and share the work within the community.  Instead of fighting the land adapt to it and tame it and use its resources for survival and comfort.  These tribes became the Settlers and discovered their evolutionary destiny.

For others, those who had simply taken whatever they wanted, this presented a golden opportunity of a different sort. They could wait until a settlement was formed and everything was nicely under control, then simply move in and take over.  Any of the original occupants who protested too much could be either killed or kicked out, and the rest, observing this, would simply continue to maintain the place for the benefit of the newcomers.  These Warriors, now had something really worth fighting for, and some of them took over several settlements and controlled quite large areas of land as a result.

For, yet others all this would be too much.  But they had never had the stomach for fighting, nor any wish to do loads of hard work for the benefit of somebody else.  And now they had no desire whatsoever to stand around getting caught up in the crossfire between the Settlers and a bunch of club-wielding roughnecks wearing strings of animal teeth around their necks.  So they retained the instinctive Nomadic urges of their earliest forefathers-keep on the move, do not get involved, and constantly look for some place interesting.

 They also eventually develop skills like thieving, bartering and entertaining, since this was an effective way to earn their keep” On the Road”

This was the origin of what we now know as Civilisation, and our inheritance is the in built instincts of those early people.  There has been much interbreeding ever since, and there are no longer any pure specimens of any one tribe.  But there were some 90,000 years of at least off wandering savage, against a relatively few years of civilisation, and evolution moves very slowly indeed.  The original instincts still run high.

We each carry, as our parents did and their parents and grandparents before them, the genes from each of those three major tribes of mankind; but one set will usually be dominant, giving rise to a behaviour pattern that governs how we are, where and how we will be successful, the way we conduct our lives...... or would, if our way of being were not “Modified” by our early experiences.