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Power Words - Please and Thank You

Please and Thank You

Please and thank you are the next in line to a person’s name, in giving the Master Persuader the persuasive edge.

Like our name these words have been taught to us since we were children. We were taught that we will get something if we say please and, once we have it, we must say thank you. Therefore, when these terms are used in communication they carry a great deal of impact.

Proper use of these terms in the persuasive process is illustrated in the following examples: 

 “Thank you for seeing me today.”

 “Please give this proposal every consideration, John”

“Thank you for coming to Bob’s Autos. I believe you’ll find our staff remarkably service oriented. Please ask for any help you need.”

“Please, give what you can.”

 “Please let me help you isolate your financial needs so we can come to a mutually beneficial proposal.”

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