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Post Graduate Masters Level Diploma - Coaching for Individual & Team Performance - Accredited Executive Masterclass Diploma Masters Level (60 credits level 7)

Venue: London

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Course Description

Whether you are an HR or training professional, or you are seeking to create your own Professional Coaching Business this Post Graduate Masters Level  Coaching for Individual and Team Performance  Training Course, is designed for you and will provide you with the powerful tools necessary to achieve your expectations and ultimate goals.

Coaching is as yet, a vastly unused resource in the business environment here in the UK and indeed throughout the world. The only way to improve this anomaly is to train and produce Executive, Business and Personal Coaches through Accredited Post Graduate Masters level Training Courses whose training and ethics are beyond reproach and where standards of excellence are paramount.

In order to meet these criteria we have developed an outstanding Post Grasdute Masters Level Accredited Coaching Course which enshrines those principles and which leads the field in Coach Training. The course consists of   2 components (each of which is spread over a period of 4 days). The course content endows our Coaches with all the necessary tools and abilities to work at the highest levels of excellence to Coach for Individual and Team Performance.

The Accredited Post Graduate Qualification you obtain through Executive Masterclass, will give you the same value as if you had gone to University on a full time course. Simply submit your required assessment assignments to us, we will assess your work and when successful, inform the University to issue your Executive Masterclass Diploma directly to you.

All assessment and certification costs are inclusive within the course fees displayed.

Additionally, should you choose, you can use the gained credits (60 credits) at Middlesex University to complete your Masters Degree with a work based learning programme it’s just a quicker, easier and more convenient way that benefits you and your organisation.

Unlike conventional university study, you design the remainder of your Masters program based on your interests and needs. You specialize in Work Based Learning (WBL) studies but may include taught courses from other university subject areas if required. All of this can be achieved through distance learning.

Alternatively, you may be able to use the credits obtained towards study at other UK universities.

The level of skills you acquire on this intensive Masters Level Accredited 8 day course Lay the foundations towards your Masters Degree should you choose to progress towards that goal and will go far beyond your expectations. You will find the course to be challenging, invigorating and rewarding and is often referred to as ‘Life changing.’ The content whilst founded in well established psychological principles is informed by the very latest techniques and approaches available in the field of continuous personal development.

This is explained in greater detail on the Course Content & Outcomes page.

The best way to learn is to actually do it, not only will you be shown what to do, we will show you how to do it with a succession of supervised interactive demonstrations in all aspects of the learning process.

This process will give you hours of invaluable experience within the coaching environment. These sessions are monitored and observed to produce a positive learning feedback situation.

In order to create and maintain the ideal working environment for our delegates we strictly adhere to our principle of limiting delegate numbers for each course.