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Assumption of the Obvious Language Patterns

When we give people credit for knowing something they really know nothing about they generally will say nothing and allow us to believe them to be smarter or more aware than they really are.

Think about that for a moment.

Once we realize how important this is in understanding human behavior we can then bring the concept into the persuasion process in a very elegant manner. In each pattern I’m going to speak, the assumed knowledge word or phrase will be emphasized.

“You probably already know that you’ll feel better when you quit smoking.”

“You probably already know that you’re going to buy this.”

“You probably already know, deep in your heart, how much I love you.”

“People can, you know, lose weight with this plan.”

“People can, you know, make a mistake without trying to hurt someone,”

“You will realise how smart you have been for having signed up for your persuasion program”
“You will soon realize that you have made the right decision to join our church.”
“Sooner or later you will know that this is the right organization for you to work with.”

“Sooner or later you will he happy with your decision."

“Eventually, you will know that this is right for you.”

“Eventually, you may notice how happy I make you.”

I’m sure you realize how important these “Assumption of the Obvious Language Patterns” really are.

Exercise - Assumption of the Obvious Language Patterns

You probably already know that I am going to ask you to write seven sentences using each of these patterns so you will reap the benefits of this technology.