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Power Words - Because

The fourth most powerful term in the English language is “because,”

Hypnotic Language Patterns - Don't Language Patterns

One of the most powerful tools an individual has is the precise and influential use of language.

Hypnotic Language Patterns - Might and Maybe Language Patterns

Most individuals use language patterns that are far too explosive or demanding in the persuasion process.

Assumption of the Obvious Language Patterns

When we give people credit for knowing something they really know nothing about they generally will say nothing and allow us to believe them to be smarter or more aware than they really are.

Tell You Language Patterns

People do not like to be told what to do. We like to think that each great idea is ours and that when we have a great idea, it is entirely our own.

The Truth Language Pattern

Truth is what each individual believes it to be, Ask someone if he belongs to the true church or is in the true religion. Ask him if the people in his political party tell the truth.