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Hypnotic Language Patterns - Might and Maybe Language Patterns

Most individuals use language patterns that are far too explosive or demanding in the persuasion process. This mistake is common across our culture. We tend to give orders to our spouses, children, and employees. We do not like to take orders and resent them when we hear them. Therefore, we can use “Might and Maybe Language Patterns” to help us persuade others in a far more gentle and effective way.

“You might want to take the rubbish out… now.”

“You might want to cut the lawn… now.”

“You might want to consider adding to your portfolio… now”

“You might want to purchase this TV…now."
“You might notice your feelings toward me will change with each passing day…now.”


“You might notice how good you feel when you drive down the street in this beautiful new vehicle.”

“You might not have noticed how many people already own this car today.”

“Maybe you haven’t purchased more life insurance yet.”

“Maybe you’ll see some special snack at the grocery store that you can bring home for me.”

“Maybe you’ll go ahead with the investment program when you consider your future, tonight.”

These patterns are similar to those of the Don’t Language Patterns

Exercise - Hypnotic Language Patterns - Might and Maybe Language Patterns

Go to each of the statements I’ve made and delete the words “might” arid “maybe.” Notice that once again the statements are all commands without the words “might” or “maybe.”

Also notice the gentleness of these commands with the words “might” and “maybe.”

Before continuing you might want to write out seven examples of each of the above patterns.