Executive Masterclass - George Batey's Guide to Continuous Success


Tell You Language Patterns

People do not like to be told what to do. We like to think that each great idea is ours and that when we have a great idea, it is entirely our own. This means that the Master Persuader will always want to “frame” his language in such a way that prospects will not disagree, especially on important or controversial issues.

Notice the emphasis on certain words or phrases

“I wouldn’t tell you to leave your religion to join mine, because I always want your respect and I know you will make the right decision.”

“I wouldn’t tell you to consider a new career, because you want to be in charge of your own future.”

“I could tell you that you are making a mistake but I won’t. You want to figure it out for yourself.”

“I could tell you that Toyotas are far superior to this car but 1 won’t. You’ll realize it after you’ve owned this car for a few years.”

Exercise - Tell You Language Patterns

I could tell you to write seven sentences to embed these patterns firmly in your mind, but. I’m sure you know by now how important they are, so I won’t.