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The Truth Language Pattern

Truth is what each individual believes it to be, Ask someone if he belongs to the true church or is in the true religion. Ask him if the people in his political party tell the truth. The people you come into contact with every day often want to know if you are being truthful with them. This most often occurs in the selling process but is applicable in any persuasive communication setting.

The way someone knows you are telling the truth is if you believe the same thing he does. If you agree with him, then you also are right and are telling the truth. “The Truth Language Pattern” is not only an excellent hypnotic language pattern used in therapy; it is also powerful for getting people to agree with you on just about anything.

The key to this pattern is to get someone to either say or think, “Yes, yes, yes, yes,” then request what you desire.

“Taxes are too high!”

“The deficit is skyrocketing!”

“Crime is on the rise!”

“Your money is being misspent by the government!”

“You are sick of the current administration!”
“Vote for me and we will make a change together!”

“You want to feel as though you will have money to live comfortably in your retirement”

“You deserve the best things in life.”

“You’ve sacrificed for your children.”

“You’ve worked hard all these years.”


“Invest in this program to give you not only what you have earned, but what you deserve.”

“I’ve worked every day without a complaint.”

“I do all the housework.”

“I take care of the kids”

“I do the books every month”


“Don’t you feel I deserve this one –week vacation”

By getting the “yes, yes, yes, yes” response either verbally or internally, you create a receptive state of mind in the person you are trying to persuade. Once the person is in this state, it is very difficult for him to say no after saying yes to SO many statements or questions.

You’ve noticed how important writing seven statements have been to you, haven’t you? You’ve seen the value of not just learning these patterns, but knowing them, right? You know that by using these patterns you will be a happier person, right? Then would now be a good time to write down seven examples of the Truth Language Pattern?

Because of the power of persuasion techniques, it once more needs to be stressed that our goal is WIN/WIN and nothing less.