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Welcome to the George Batey Executive Masterclass website where you will find excellent resources and winning tactics that will motivate you, your people and your directors to achieve effective leadership and change management skills. 

There are many reasons why people seek executive master class coaching, however a commonality is the need for change.

We all face challenges, actual and perceived in life and in business, we need to:

• accelerate results
• improve performance
• create more effective and communicative teams
• clarify goals
• take advantage of opportunity

The programmes George delivers are designed to take you and your people from where you are now, to where you want and need to be more

Accredited Coach Training Programmes

Post Graduate Masters Level Diploma - Executive and Business Coaching - Accredited Executive Masterclass Diploma Masters Level (90 Credits Level 7)

Post Graduate Masters Level Diploma - Coaching for Individual & Team Performance - Accredited Executive Masterclass Diploma Masters Level (60 credits level 7)


We use key resources across our programmes such as Power Words that Sell, Understanding Personality Types etc.

Please sample some of these resources free of charge.

Power Words that Sell
4 videos & PDF Downloads

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