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Psychology of Sales

Psychology of Sales Success

The way to achieve consistent sales success is all about the art of influence and persuasion.

It’s certainly not black magic!

The psychology of sales is a complex road to navigate and the secret of sales success is to learn and understand what motivates people to behave the way they do, by recognising the dynamics that are at play.

Within the Executive Masterclass programme you will become aware that there are very specific laws that govern the sales process.

People often ask me what the secret of sales success is; it’s certainly not black magic!

Communication is the key, nothing you do is more important than communication with others. By learning which sales behaviours drive your business, Executive Masterclass sales coaching will help you focus attention on the right activities and the long term results will naturally follow.

The important thing for sales people to remember is not to think about sales in terms of sales training, but to think of it as an art.  Because salesmanship is an art! 

And one of the fundamentals of that art is to understand the personality types of the people you are actually selling to. Yet many sales people feel they have to convince prospects to buy their particular product or service.

The George Batey, Psychology of Sales Success programme will help you and your key personnel focus on identifying customer need. And show you that by understanding differing personality types you can influence people to take action, make a commitment or behave in a certain way.

The way to achieve consistent sales success and to increase your conversion rates is all about the art of influence and persuasion.

It is interesting because sometimes when you drive past the police patrol man at 85 miles an hour you don’t get a ticket.

Every now and then, you run the amber light and you don’t hit a pedestrian.

The laws exist though, and when they are followed they tend to work out in the favour of law-abiding citizens.

But when they are broken, the chances that something will go wrong are dramatically increased.

The same is true in this respect of the laws of influence and the psychology of sales.

We all acknowledge and understand that we tend to need the cooperation of others to succeed. Gaining the cooperation and compliance of other people is absolutely critical to the persuasion process and the continuance of the society, as we know it.

Ask yourself

  • What are the core reasons people buy?
  • What motivates people to buy?

Are they?

  • Emotionally motivated

Perhaps they just recognise or value a purchase.

Within my Executive Masterclass website you will find some of the answers to these questions. If you join me on one of my open or tailored programmes or ask me to work with your top people in your own environment, I will show you how to open up the road to continuous sales success.

If you demand results, then contact us and let me show you, your directors and your top executives how to push all the right buttons, by helping you understand what motivates people to buy.

As a fully licensed member of Kevin Hogan’s, “Psychology of Persuasion” programme, you can be assured my masterclass coaching is informed by the latest techniques in persuasion, influence and sales training.

If you would like details on bespoke or open programmes, please use the contact form and we will get back to you. I look forward to meeting you soon!

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George I have to thank you once again, with your support I have been able to clarify my objectives and have gone ahead and purchased the office block! – all the very best. Duncan 
George thanks for the session yesterday, I have already benefited from some of things that were said, I can’t wait for the next one.