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The Conscious and Subconscious Mind

You can ride a bicycle without thinking of balance. You can write words without thinking about the formation of each individual letter. You can tie your shoelaces without wondering which end goes where.

Inherited Personality Types

100,000 years ago, the human race lived in groups of 25 to 50 individuals, hunting and gathering their food from the land. They were already a developed race, having probably been around for some 300,000 years at least, but these were the first of the race that looked like us, and, in a primitive way, behaved like us.

Power Words - The Name

Some Words do have a powerful impact on those you are attempting to persuade and I’ve put together these videos with content from the Psychology of Persuasion by Kevin Hogan so you can get a small taste of the art of verbal persuasion techniques so until I see you please enjoy.

Power Words - Please and Thank You

Please and thank you are the next in line to a person’s name, in giving the Master Persuader the persuasive edge.

Power Words - Because

The fourth most powerful term in the English language is “because,”


Nearly everybody loves secrets. When you share secrets with people, you gain a great deal of trust from your listeners.

Future Pacing

A good salesperson is always “closing.” Great salespeople USE “future pacing.”

Hypnotic Language Patterns - Don't Language Patterns

One of the most powerful tools an individual has is the precise and influential use of language.

Hypnotic Language Patterns - Might and Maybe Language Patterns

Most individuals use language patterns that are far too explosive or demanding in the persuasion process.

Assumption of the Obvious Language Patterns

When we give people credit for knowing something they really know nothing about they generally will say nothing and allow us to believe them to be smarter or more aware than they really are.